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  • IT Outsourcing – Enterprise Package

    IT Outsourcing – Enterprise Package   40 hours of IT support per year Comprehensive IT support services, including customized solutions and dedicated support teams Access to email, phone, and on-site support 24/7 Proactive monitoring and maintenance services Advanced project…

  • IT Outsourcing – Professional Package

    IT Outsourcing – Professional Package   20 hours of IT support per year Advanced IT support services, including proactive monitoring and maintenance Access to email, phone, and remote support 24/7 Limited on-site support Basic project management and consultation services…

  • IT Outsourcing – Basic Package

    IT Outsourcing – Basic Package   10 hours of IT support per year Basic IT support services, such as troubleshooting and maintenance Access to email and phone support during business hours Remote support only, no on-site support No proactive…